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Outsource Your Case Load To Our Company!

Our staff are among the most talented in the industry. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive 20 years of experience to work for you.

Prepare all Pleadings, Correspondence and all other Documents for Family Law Matters including: Dissolution of Marriage and Paternity Actions; (prepare papers from start to finish), Prepare Requests For Orders and Response Papers for Custody, Visitation; Child Support and Spousal Support; Fee Waivers; Order After Hearing; Wage Assignment Orders;

Restraining Orders; Guardianships; Adoptions; Name Changes;

Discovery papers (Initial Requests and Responses); Subpoenas;

Run Support Calculations in DissoMaster, Legal Research;

Post Judgment Motions; Trial Briefs; Assist with Settlement Conferences; Stipulated Agreements; Prepare Judgments and QDROS; (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders - for Division of Retirement Plans).

We Also Outsource to Attorneys as a Referral Service: Family Law, Bankruptcy; Personal Injury; Probate; Workman's Compensation; Immigration and Criminal Law. New Attorneys are welcome.

We have received Honorable Recognition and Accolades from various Judges, Attorneys and other Legal Professionals all over Southern California

Free Up Your Time and Outsource to One of the Best in The Business

Competitive Rates Call us today! 


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